About Guess The Grape

We imagined this event to bring together our friends, supporters, and SightSavers from across Kansas City for an evening of delicious food, live entertainment, and good company all in the name of protecting sight.

Guests will delight in the tasting room by trying different varieties of wine and will be given raffle tickets for correctly guessing the subtle characteristics, varietal, price level, etc. of each glass.

Inspired by “blind” events in the past, we were determined to create an event that highlighted the necessary sense of sight by temporarily removing this sense and heightening others. Hence, Guess The Grape.

Don’t worry too much, there won’t be any party fouls here. Rather than being blindfolded, we’ll simply cover each bottle. You won’t be spilling any red on your new dress or trousers.


About The Kansas City Free Eye Clinic – Focused on Simple Fixes

Founded in 2008, The Kansas City Free Eye Clinic is the only safety-net clinic of its kind in Kansas City to provide comprehensive eye care from eye exams and eyeglasses to ongoing maintenance and treatment of serious vision impairment. Each year, over 600 people come to us for their vision concerns.

A mother with blurry vision who can’t drive to a job interview. A worker who isn’t allowed to operate machinery due to a cataract in his eye. A young man in his 20’s who lost an eye at 16 and just wants to look “normal” so he can enjoy life without turning heads all the time. A middle-school girl who sits in the front row in class and can’t read the chalkboard. These are just a few patients we’ve helped this year with sight restoration or more involved care.

In the end, all we see are tears, smiles, and gratitude for the simple fixes we provide.